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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  October 24, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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will someone have to pay for a deadly limo fire? investigators determined no
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crime was -- but the families are filing a suit. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. >> reporter: the biggest target could be the ford motor company which make the 199 lincoln town car which caught on fire back here in may. nine women on the way to a bridal shower were caught in the fire. prosecutors announced no charges. >> some tragedies are crimes and some are now. >> reporter: now the victims and their families are seeking charging saying details rendered it defective, dangerous, hazardous and unsafe. the suit named the ford company
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and decoach limo company, limo stop inc. who told us there was no signs of a problem. tonight the attorney defending the limo owner said the accident may not have been one his client could have prevented. >> the cause of the fire was the drive shaft rotating on the undercarriage of a vehicle. i don't know how my client could have forseen that. now not named in this lawsuit was the driver of the limo. he was also cleared of criminal wrong doing back in august. lawyers say it could be up to a jury to decide how much money is at stake here. when i asked about the chances of these cases being settled out of court one expert in this field wasn't so sure. he described the ford motor company as one of the roughest, toughest defendants in the business. we're live in foster city, eric
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rasmussen, ktvu news. >> one of the attorneys involved told us they hope to move the case forward as quickly as the court would allow. they expect it to take eight to 15 months before this case goes to trial. now to developing news out of menlo park where police say two people out walking their dog were struck and killed by a drunk driver. police say a man and a woman both in their 50s were hit from behind from a car. both were pronounced dead at the scene. police identified the driver at 54-year-old margerie wrigthfield. they expect to book her on charges including gross vehicle manslaughter and dui. a sight supervisor has been arrested on grand theft and burglary charges. he's identified as 37-year-old
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vincent john lotana. he stole materials that included cooper wiring but they don't know if the materials would have been used on the stadium project itself. investigators say the material belonged to his employer and the material was stored in cuperitino. he was taken into custody and is being held on $400,000 bail. now to contra costa county where authorities say a fire in antioch led to the discovery of a large indoor marijuana farm. the fire was discovered in a two story home. it apparently began in an electrical junction box and was likely caused by electrical gear used to cultivate the plants. no one was home at the time of the fire. and there is no word of any arrests. a santa rosa woman is dead after she was hit and killed in
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the parking lot of her gym. 72-year-old susan smith was killed just after 8:00 this morning. a man backed into her with his truck and ran over the victim. witnesses tended to the woman before firefighters arrived but she was pronounced dead at the scene. the driver of the pickup is cooperating with the investigation. one man is in the hospital and a gunman is on the lose tonight following what police are calling a road rage shooting in fremont. ktvu's mike mibach tells me that the man was upset that the victim was driving too slow. >> reporter: bullet holes, a dusty old mercedes all tied to a story that police say started with road rage and ended with gunfire. >> just before 5:30 we got a call from someone in the area stating that a shooting had just occurred. >> reporter: police said
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moments earlier, the suspect was driving destination work. >> it's believed one of the parties was driving too slow and the other driver was ep -- upset with that. >> reporter: the victim was shot twice once in the abdomen. >> that's why you have to be very careful on the roadways. >> reporter: also in the car, a german shepherd. we tracked the dog who was not hurt to this home in pleasanton. the man who would not identify the man saying the man was only known as john. that he would come and go from the home. >> the victim was conscious at the time. we were able to get preliminary information from the victim. >> reporter: that preliminary information is the description of the gunman and vehicle. he says it's a 2010 or newer white vehicle with large
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polished chrome rims. the driver described as 25 to 30 years old. latino or portugese man with dark short hair and widows peak. police say this is the second road rage incident in a week. ordered its largest fine ever. the $1 million fine was levied against two arizona based groups for failing to disclose the donors of anti tax and anti union campaign. the two conservative groups had opposed pair of ballot measures last year. the efforts did not pay off. the fair commissioners process said the two group are part of the conservative koch brothers group. new information tonight on how twitter plans to price its shares for its hotly anticipated ipo. the san francisco company plans to offer 70 million shares and price them between 17 and $20. that could raise up to $1.6
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billion. the price can still be changed depending on demand. twitter's ticker symbol on the exchange will be twtr. the stock is expected to start trading next month. reuters reports a group of investment firms wants to buy all or part of the grocery change. this comes after safeway deflected a hostile buy over. the company would not comment. a frightening looking accident snarled rush hour traffic in san francisco tonight. it happened about 5:15 on interstate 280 at the 101 interchange. look at the picture there. a cab of a truck went right through a guardrail and the front end was dangling over the side. the highway patrol then completely shut down 101 in both directions for a time. and need less to say that created a monster back up. it took crews more than an hour to remove the big rig.
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lanes started to reopen around 6:20 but the traffic delays lasted a long longer than that. the pink dot plate was unveiled in sacramento. the widow of chp officer kenyan yungstrom was killed. but his organs helped save the lives of four people. >> we know that something good came out of it and that was those that he was able to save with his organs. >> reporter: as soon as 7,500 pink dot license plates are reserved production will begin. more than 25,000 people in california are currently waiting for a life saving transplant. now to the north bay where hundreds of people gathered tonight to remember a 13-year- old boy who was shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy. ktvu's john sasaki is live now in santa rosa where he find people are still angry that the deputy mistook the kid's toy
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gun for a real one, john. >> reporter: this is the growing memorial for 13-year- old andy lopez. his office report out today shows he was shot seven times by that deputy. tonight there are people still here but earlier it was surrounded by hundreds of community members who are outranged and saddened by his death. >> reporter: a native american group did a spiritual dance tonight honoring andy lopez. >> there's no reason why, a trained professional law enforcement officer had any reason to kill a 13-year-old. the teenager was shot and killed by a sonoma county sheriff deputy who said he was holding an assault rifle. >> i just believe he was an innocent victim. i feel compassion toward his family. >> reporter: lopez was carrying a toy gun not a real weapon. but police showed a toy and an
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ak47 to show how the officer could have mistaken it. one woman carried a sign calling the incident murder. although she declined to comment. >> what i am saying, i think they could have gone about it differently if it was a young white kid. i think they would have used better judgment. i think we live in a society that is saturated with people being treated differently based on the color of their skin. >> reporter: county supervisor said the deputy who pulled the trigger is devastated. >> from what i understand, it's absolutely -- i think the entire department is reeling. >> reporter: a school member also came to show support. >> the community has to feel that there's transparency as they go through the investigation. >> reporter: and that's lopez father who did not want to speak to the media. ktvu channel 2 news. gun rights groups announced today a list of california
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politicians they want to vote out of office t. group said they will target john perez and four others southern california democrats for recall campaigns. the move is in reaction to governor brown's recent signing of 11 gun laws. >> the arrogance and calluses are offensive and now we have two people dead. b.a.r.t.'s first meeting since ending the strike. how a proposal to honor two workers lost on the job led to a bitter
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the bridge district's rational for another potential toll hike, jana. >> reporter: frank today district officials told me that they can no longer defer safety
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stops for the bridge so tomorrow they plan to ask for a toll hike. the bridge signs in the color orange. but what worries officials is the bridge going into the red. >> the projects that have been out on the horizon as part of the projection are now here. and we have to do them now. so our deficit has grown. >> reporter: spokeswoman mary curry say it is bridge needs seismic upgrades. the district also has to make improvements to the ferry and pay a bill toward the doyle drive project. one proposal is to raise the toll from $6 to $7. >> it's already pretty steep. for people who are commuting that's a little harsh to have to increase the toll. >> reporter: other suggestions include charges pedestrians and bicyclists. >> for tourist, if you charge them a dollar i think that will
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be fine. >> i don't think that there should be a charge to walk. >> reporter: the district says they've already made internal cuts like getting rid of toll takers. future increases no longer have to go up by dollar increments. >> we're not making changes anymore we're collecting electronically so that gives you a little more freedom. >> reporter: the toll hike could take effect as early as april if approved. jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. we have new information tonight about a man who was struck and killed by an amtrak train in san leandro. the alameda county coroner
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identifies him as yasamo. they say he was pulling a cart over the tracks, they believe the cart may have gotten stuck on the tracks. sherman went to the police station about 2:30 today. he was arrested and transported to santa rita jail on child pornography charges. sergeant thomas hayman is seen here during an interview with ktvu in 2006. police say his blood alcohol level was more than three times the legal limit when he hit a parked car on 12th and lotten on the sunset direct. police say they followed a trail of debris to his home which was only about a mile and a half away. he was not on duty at the time. right now he is on paid leave. the conflict between b.a.r.t. unions and management still
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runs deep. as john fowler reports, union leaders are hurling allegations about the two track inspectors who were struck and killed by a b.a.r.t. train last weekend. >> reporter: it was to be a straightforward resolution in memory of two workers killed on the job but what happened next seemed to stun the board. >> shame, shame on everybody. the arrogance and calluses with which these entire negotiations are handled are a shame and now we have two people dead. >> you knew what they were doing was union busting. >> reporter: it was a union run that killed christopher shepherd and daniels while they were inspecting track. >> this is something that we had been warning part about. we told the public, we told you. >> reporter: one station agent blasted the board. >> you're all elected officials and you need to be recalled because of your lack of leadership throughout your term. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. members are under a gag order and tried to steer away from
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blame rather remember the fallen workers. >> that this would be a quiet time for them and not filled with all the vetrial that has been happened. >> reporter: the divide between workers and management has never been deeper. the board meeting was to discuss the deal but that how that deal will go now is uncertain. for its entire history b.a.r.t. has made workers spopl -- responsible for their own safety by telling them to be vigilant as trains operate at speeds through the work area. the new policy calls for the
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trains to be sidelined if workers are in the area. the low cloud deck will be in the increase in the short term late tonight and into early tomorrow morning. as far as the current wind speeds, 24 miles per hour gusts there to 33. that's one of the strongest winds i could find right now. a major drop off in temperatures. 70s and 80s, temperatures coming down from 78 in santa rosa to 67 today. look at livermore all the way down to 64. a 24-degree drop in those temperatures from yesterday to this afternoon. overnight lows, lower 40s in santa rosa, napa, santa rosa 49. coming up in about 25 minutes, the warmest day of the weekend and when gusty winds could increase our fire danger. game wardens have backed off their pursuit of a brown bear that was spotted today in pasadena. take a look this is video of
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the bear right next to the 210 freeway this afternoon. it had already caused a panic in the neighborhood and a lock down of the school. authorities were armed with tranquilizer guns but in the end they didn't use them. they said that the bear retreated back into heavy brush that connects the angeles national forest. late word tonight of an amusement park accident and a big change coming to b.a.r.t. even during peak commute hours. but-- >> san jose says the latest cities traffic death is now a deadly hit-and-run case. we'll tell you what the victim's family had to say about it. >> a
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five people were injured tonight when a ride malfunctioned at the north
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carolina pair. a ride called the vortex had stopped and people were going to get off when that ride started again. several were knocked unconscious. two suffered serious injuries. the ride operator fell to his knees reportedly and started crying. the victim was struck sunday but subcomb to his injuries on tuesday. robert handa spoke to family members this evening and join us now live to the scene with what police have to go on, robert. >> reporter: we're in the area where san jose police said the accident occurred. as the victim's family found out, this street is busy at all hours and that can make it difficult to find witnesses. >> reporter: shortly after 1:00 a.m. sunday morning, police say 43- year-old joel hogin jr. was struck by a vehicle and the
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driver fled the scene quickly leaving holgin behind with a severe head injury and broken bones. his family called him a loving father and popular family member. >> the family is grieving deeply. we're really missing him. >> reporter: investigators say they believe the vehicle has a broken window and damage to the front end. officers tracked down a car with damage seen in the area but it was not involved. the family also acknowledges, holgin left his near home upset because of medical issues and wanted to walk off his anger. police say someone reported seeing a man who they believe was holgin running in the midst of traffic. holgin never returned home, and later he told the family he had been a victim of a hit-and-run and taken to the hospital. he died tuesday night. >> if you're out there to just turn yourself in. we're going through a hard time. we just lost our loved one. you know, he was fighting for his life. and it was just, he didn't have
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to go now. or like this. >> reporter: holgin's death is the city's 33rd traffic related issue this year and the 20th involving a pedestrian which is the highest total in five years. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. federal investigators said today that they will not look into the much publicized fire that damaged a tesla model s near seattle. the national highway safety administration said there's no indication the fire was caused by a safety defect and there's no sign of any vehicle safety standards being violated. that fire happened after the all electric car ran over a metal object that pierced the vehicle. and now word that tesla has
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hired a new apple executive, doug field. thanks to positive corporate earnings, nasdaq added 21. ford, southwest air and microsoft are among the companies with positive earnings report. workers add yet another big bay area agency say they could walk out. plus the race is on, prop b is a controversial ballot measure in san francisco and some say that it could
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new at 10:00, the hot issue on the november ballot. san francisco voters are being asked to decide the fate of a controversial development project. it's prop b on the ballot. the project called eight washington would be built near the waterfront at the foot of
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washington and the embarcadero. cara liu live in the city where she found a lot of people divided over prop b, cara. >> reporter: the plan calls for 134 condos in two buildings here on washington. an eight to 12 story building behind it. the race is on to influence public opinion on what should happen on 3.2 acres at washington and the embarcadero. proponents on proposition b & c including mayor lee want to move forward with a new plan. supporters say by voting yes, voters would push forward the plan also known aseight washington which city leaders have approved and create hundreds of jobs. >> anyone walking, jogging along the waterfront and comes
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across this space, it's very obvious to realize we need an upgrade. we have a parking lot and a fence. it's not inviting. >> reporter: tom avianos, the sierra club and the democratic party, the campaign says it's more about open space and rising water limits to housing prices few could afford. >> we're against it because it takes away our waterfront access. the developer wrote prop b to get special exemptions and that's why we're opposed. >> reporter: at a forum tonight, some expressed concerns. >> it blocks our view, and is an anagma for san francisco. >> reporter: yes on b has spent more but both sides have shelled out a lot.
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more than $2 million spent by both sides combined. voters decide november 5th. cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news. ten in a minutes advocates say san francisco's rental market is in crisis and they want huh protection. the activists rallied on the steps of city hall demanding that developers do more to keep landlords to evict people from their homes. an influx in tech companies is driving out renters. >> even to get a room in a hotel here in the tenderloin might be a year's wait. >> reporter: the board of supervisors is scheduled to take up one proposal that would make it more difficult to convert several rental units into one single family home. an alleged car thief is in custody after the highway
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patrol used the car's gps to locate it. the car was reported stolen in concord. officers with the highway patrol tracked it to pacheco boulevard in contra costa county this morning and that's where they took the suspect into custody. the highway patrol says that suspect now faces felony charges of motor vehicle theft. he was also wanted on an assault charge. firefighters in concord said a locked game kept them from getting to a fire. it started at about 11:30 last night near concord boulevard. the building houses a towing company at least four cars were burned. flames also damaged two outbuildings and a travel trailer. damage is estimated at a quarter million dollars. antioch police announced the capture of a wanted parolee. they said he tried to escape officers with cash and a loaded gun. they spotted 38-year-old wilson driving near sycamore drive. after a short chase, wilson
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abandoned his car and tried to run. officers arrested him on suspicion of drug trafficking and parol violation. he is being held on a half million dollars bail. hundreds of east bay m.u.d. workers are threatening to go on strike after stalled talks with management. >> the ball is on their court. they're the ones that are going to dictate at what pace this moves and where it moves. >> workers say they will strike if amongment among -- management doesn't offer a pay rise above the 4% cap. we are learning new details about what caused a fire on a b.a.r.t. train filled with rush hour commuters in orinda last night. according to b.a.r.t., an electric motor overheated. but as ken pritchett found out, the age of the train may have
11:35 pm
been a factor. madeline dell heard what happened here. her fear was not fire. >> i was worried first of all because the strike just ended that there would be another huge delay. >> reporter: there were delays for some passengers when a small fire and smoke could be seen coming out from beneath a b.a.r.t. train stopped cold at the station. >> we figured it out that it was a motor reactor that was an electrical component of the car. it weighs about 1,200 pounds. >> all doors open at orinda 375. >> reporter: some passengers say no evacuation was ordered and some were even unaware of the fire. the train stranded for hours, but removed before the morning commute. >> this is after a very long night. crews worked throughout the night to figure out exactly why this train wasn't moving. >> reporter: it is unclear what caused that motor to overheat when asked if age could have played a role, b.a.r.t. said all of its trains are old. 30 years is the average. the oldest fleet of any major
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u.s. transit agency. in this case, the fire was small with no immediate safety risk to riders on this train. >> i'm not really worried about it. but at the same time i mean, they are kind of old. >> reporter: the vast majority of b.a.r.t.'s trains were first put into service in 1972 and despite a retrofitter nearing the end of service, b.a.r.t. is in the process of replacing all of its fleet. another change is coming to b.a.r.t. the board of directors voted today to allow bikes on board train during peak commute hours. right now bikes are banned from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. from 4:30 to 6:30 a.m. bicyclists voiced their disapproval of the bikes. a woman killed in her own part. >> that's a tragedy. i don't care who it was. that is tragic. >> reporter: how neighbors
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reacted when her teenage son was arrested. when the change will make its way into the bay
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a shooting at a tennessee national guard recruitment office today wounded two guards men. the shooting was in an armory just outside a navy base north of memphis. police say the shooter was a sergeant who was subdued by other guards men. they say the suspect was a recruiter and had just been relieved of duty today. things got a little heated on capitol hill as members of the house energy and commerce committee say they wanted to know who's responsible for the
11:40 pm
botched roll out of health but one democratic member took issue with the whole proceeding claims republicans are trying to scare people into not signing up. >> no health information is required in the application process and why is that? because preexisting conditions don't matter. so once again here we have my republican colleagues trying to scare everybody. will the gentleman yield. >> no i will not yield to this monkey court or whatever this is. >> this is not a monkey court. >> i'm not yielding. he wants house republicans to act in the next few months and says it's the right thing to do. >> it's good for our economy, it's good for our national security. it's good for our people, and we should do it this year. >> but it's going to be an
11:41 pm
uphill fight. in june the democratically controlled senate passed a bill with republican support. but it's been rejected by house republicans who want to take a piece by piece approach. many in the gop object to the idea of a path to citizenship for immigrants who are here illegally. the san francisco 49ers are in london preparing for sunday's game against the winless jacksonville jaguars. players held a work out today at a facility outside of london. the veterans had advise for the younger players. they said focus on the games and skip nights out on the town even if it is london. the sidelined 49er plays who is now back practicing with the team. and joe fonzi is in london with the niners. follow joe on twitter. in san francisco tonight, a good tasting but very filling fundraiser.
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>> get ready, get set, go. >> and they're off. people ate as many pop stickers as they could and they kept coming. it was held at the drake lounge to support a column on local politics on asian the unthinkable, why vallejo police didn't have to go far to find the suspect in the deadly shooter of a mother. >> a big cool down across the bay area. ktvu's meteorologist mark tamayo will let us know if it's going to stay cool right through the weekend. >> going
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a 17-year-old from vallejo is behind bars tonight accused of the unthinkable. police have arrested and booked
11:45 pm
him on suspicion that he killed his own mother. this is ktvu's rob roth. >> reporter: the shooting happened inside this apartment of this public housing complex yesterday afternoon. >> i give to her something like some wood or something. like pallets. that's what it sounded like then when i came out. >> reporter: she realized later they were gunshots. police say they found shantenea brown with several gunshots. and police arrested brown's own son with the crime. >> our investigation has accomplished that he is the son of the victim. and the actual motive or reason behind why this tragedy has taken place is unknown at this time. >> reporter: relatives have
11:46 pm
told police that they knew of no tensions between the mother and son. the 17-year-old was described as quiet although he live there had he didn't come outside much. >> tragedy. that's a tragedy. i don't care who it was. that is tragic. a child killing their parent. nothing gets that bad. >> reporter: the 17-year-old has been booked on one count of homicide. he is currently being held in the solano center. new ncaa data shows cal's football program has the worse graduation rate in the nation. more than 300 players graduated within six years. the national average was 71%. cal says academics are improving under the new coach sunny dike. other cal sports did better,
11:47 pm
more than half of the 23 programs measured had a gsr of 85 or better. santa clara county is making it easy to get a refill for your water bottle. ken yager helped unveil a water to go program in san jose today. the money will be used to install about 100 filling stations for personal water containers throughout the county. the goal of this project is to help keep kids from consumer high calorie drinks and to cut down on obesity. >> it's not just enough to say stop drinking the sugary beverages you have to have an alternative and that's water. that's why we're trying to make water a lot more appealing. >> reporter: seven cities have agreed to have filling stations all but gilroy already have some in operation and many will be installed at schools. it was one of those days you needed the thick coat, the sweater. temperatures really cool out there and persistent fog right now we have partly cloudy
11:48 pm
skies. but take a look at the numbers from this afternoon. upper 50s in pacifica and san francisco. only 60 in san jose. we mentioned a 20 degrees drop in livermore. 64. a few 70s out in fairfield and antioch. time lapse from this evening looking out to the golden gate bridge. mid- to upper level clouds pushing right on to the bay area. we basically have lots of clear to partly cloudy skies throughout much of the region. you can see some cloud cover just offshore. and also hugging a good portion of at least approaching monterey bay at last check. we had low clouds out there developing that will continue to increase in coverage right now. 53degrees. hayward 52. oakland in the mid-50s. and the forecast for tomorrow, once again starting out with some gray for your friday morning. we have the temperature time line by 4:00 to reach the mid- to upper 50s with partly cloudy skies. forecast headlines for tonight, increasing low clouds. tomorrow overcast. skies are going to be partly
11:49 pm
cloudy. the weekend looking pretty nice. sun-cloud mix and temperatures do go up by saturday. there's a weather system in the pacific basically moving parallel to the coastline. all the shower activity remains out here in the pacific. there's a chance of drizzle especially coast side early tomorrow morning. and then hazy sunshine with partly cloudy skies for those afternoon hours. here's our forecast model. 7:00 tomorrow morning. showing you some of the overcast in san francisco, san mateo, oakland, santa rosa, napa. clouds clear back to near the shoreline. we could have a few left over patches near the coast. temperatures a bit warmer than today. just barely 70. fairfield 71 and vacaville in the mid-70s. san jose forecast high 69. gilroy at 74 and cuper to the
11:50 pm
-- cupertino 73 degrees. still keeping it cool right near the immediate coastline mid- to upper 50s. here's your look ahead your five day forecast with your weekend always in view. here's your forecast for tomorrow. saturday will be the warmest day of the weekend with partly to mostly sunny conditions. probably a little more sunshine. a big drop off into monday. we'll thicken up the cloud cover. the associated shower activity to the east of the bay area. gusty winds for monday and tuesday and early look at halloween a week away at this point it should be dry. so good news for that. >> good. >> we'll keep you posted. >> my kids will be very happy. speaking of halloween. a creative father has come up with a creative halloween costume for his daughter. >> it's like a robot but it's a real kid. >> the dad from huntington beach made a light stick figure
11:51 pm
costume for his daughter zoe. and he made it used led lights and velcro. he posted a video of zoe in her costume and tonight they have 3 million views. >> priceless. >> mark is off tonight. fred is here. we have us a world series. >> cardinals found their cool. it's usually in young pitching too. it looks like boston was headed for its tenth straight world series since 2006. but st. louis could beat themselves and get back to what it does best. boston here we go. david ortiz, company trailing 1- 0 in game two. st.louis pitcher wacha, ortiz launches this ball over the green monster. that's big papi's third home run in this postseason.
11:52 pm
matt carpenter hits a sacrifice fly. but relief pitcher tries to cut down jace. and that's what we call an ugly throw. st.louis used three pitchers. a pair of 22-year-olds then 23- year-old rosenthal. cardinals win 3-2 to the sere -- series. game three saturday. the sharks were reminded that every single second counts. this guy had a bruins fan still remembers joe thorn -- thornton was a bruin. that's patrick marlow tied at one. because in less than one
11:53 pm
second. yeah. under one second left, what the? less than one second left in the game. the bruins win 2-1 and they visit montreal saturday. the warriors play the final exhibition game tonight and they didn't
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11:56 pm
49ers are still moonlighting as nfl ambassadors in london. they also received some good news on the practice field today. injured receiver mario lined up and he looked good doing it. he won't play sunday but the team needs manningham to man handle. 49ers are favored by 16-1/2 points. but the players are focused on the big picture. >> they're in seattle right now so our mind set is we have to get this one. we're in that hunt. we're chasing from behind right now. we're close but we're behind. to motivation shouldn't be a factor at all. our friday night high school football game of the week is el camino colts against the knights of kings academy.
11:57 pm
we'll feature that game tomorrow live. then show highlights on the 10:00 news. the warriors hosted portland tonight in the final exhibition game. curry scored 17. this is one of the fifth assists. the warriors led until they missed 17 straight shots and got outscored in the third quarter. check out the fancy past to thompson. you have to like that. portland wins 90-74 warriors finish the preseason 3-4. they will open up at home against the lakers next wednesday. so they've got a little time to straighten things up. >> that was a beautiful pass. great things expected in the warriors. >> they're going to be a wonderful team. thank you for choosing ktvu news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> the ktvu morning news starts at 4:30. if you missed part of tonight's newscast, you can always catch the rebroadcast on tv 36. you can always follow us on
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twitter, facebook, and ktvu apps. have a good night everyone. >> good night.
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz" -- >> bruce jenner was so disrespected during kim kardashian's engagement. >> he didn't get invited at all. >> not only was he not invited, he didn't even know this was happening. >> maybe he has loose lips and nobody trusted him to keep a secret. >> his lipes are very tight. >> rihanna bent over a bar next to the pool, ass in the air on her hands.


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